Portfolio Flood Lighting And Flood Light Fixtures

Portfolio flood lights offer a large supply of flood lighting for your home or outdoor living area. Flood lights come in a variety of lighting options to add to your home or outdoor decor. Portfolio has a wide variety of LED flood lights with higher and lower lumens depending on your lighting needs. Portfolio offers flood lights in different options that include 30 Watt, 20 Watt, 75 Watt and 150 Watt. Each light comes with added accessories that offer easily installation for your lighting area.

We have looked at the different lighting options for flood lighting at different lumens and watts and can easily say that each lighting options offers a great resource to fit any of your lighting needs. You may be asking, what exactly are floodlights. Floodlights by Portfolio are simply broad beemed high intensity artifical light at different lumens and wattage for your preferred lighting amount. Portfolio offers many flood lights that come in a variety of colors with different levels of light output. Portfolio offers a variety of outdoor flood lighting options as the artifical light is great for different areass of your outdoor landscaping, however, you can find a variety of indoor flood lights as well that we found for great bar lighting in your basement or different areas of your home.

There are many varieties of Portfolio flood lights with the most common coming in the metal-hadide lamp variety. This flood lighting option from Portfolio emits plenty of lighting and comes in the 75Watt to 125 Watt varieites. We have tested this lighting and it is plenty light enough for most home and outdoor lighting needs. The types of Portfolio Flood lighting come at a great affordable cost so you may want to add more then just a few to get a better lighting experience. LED flood lights by Portfolio offer abundant lighting and can be used as a cost-effective approach.

Portfolio also offers halogen floodlights and offer another cost saving measure when lighting your home. Portfolio halogen flood lights come in a variety of options depending on wherre you plan to place them. These are very affordable and can be used inside or outside as many halogen lighting options can be used in your front walkway or backyard to add lighting to certain areas of the yard. Portfolio flood lighting options come in a variety of Halogen models that are easily installed and come in a variety of wattage and even translucent options as well that you will find as your shop for the right lighting

As stated, floodlights by Portfolio offer high intensity lighting so make sure you research the proper watts you need so you don't overspend. We have found these lights as very powerful lighting options at a very affordable price. So make sure you check the watts emitted from the particular light to make sure they aren't too bright especially in dim areas of your home where you are wanting a more subtle lighting experience. Floodlights look great in any room as well so looking at the different Portfolio designs, you will side a wide variety to research and purchase the correct model and watts produced.