Portfolio Energy Star Certified Lighting Including LED Bulbs Certified By Energy Star

Portfolio Energy Star certified lighting simply saves you money. What exaclt is a certified light by Energy Star? Energy Star certified lighting products simply identify energy-efficient lighting products. We have found Portfolio Energy Star certified lighting products to assist in your money saving research to find the right product for your home. There are a variety of Energy Star certified light fixtures from Portfolio that include the Downlight Surface Mount lighting option that is made from LED technology. You can find more information on Energy Star certification from this government website by accessing the free Energy Star Certification Website to research the Portfolio bulbs and lighting products that are Energy Star certified.

Energy Star certified lighting options from Portfolio include LED bulbs. There are various types of LED bulbs that include A-shape bulbs, which are standard as well as reflector LED bulbs, Globe bulbs and candleabra LED Energy Star bulbs. There are also many LED Portfolio lighting fixtures that are Energy Star certified. These lighting options include integrated LED fixtures for ceiling lights, track lights and under-cabinet lighting by Portfolio. There are many fluorescent lamps that are Energy Star certified that include T8, T5, and compact fluorescent lamps certified by Energy Star that are Portfolio lighting energy saving options.

LED downlights by Portfolio that are Energy Star certified come in recessed lights that come with retrofit kits for easy installation. Outdoor lighting is also an option if you are looking for the Energy Star stamp of approval and wanting to save money. LED floodlights, wall packs and Portfolio pathway lights can easily be found that are Energy Star certified. When looking for lighting controls that are Energy Star certified, yu can find dimmers, occupancy sensors and daylight sensors that are also compatible with Energy Star certified Portfolio lighting.

To become Energy Star certified, Portfolio lighting must meet stringent energy efficient standards as well as certain perfomance lighting criteria that is set by the Environmental Protection Agsency or EPA. Portfolio Energy Start Certified lighting can easily be used in residential setting in your home, commercial and industrial lighting areas as well. Energy efficiency can save you money, protect the environemnt and give you peace of mind knowing you are buying a Portfolio Energy Star Certified product that has been given their stamp of approval.

The requirements for Portfolio lighting to become Energy Star Certified involves having an Energy Star Score of 75 or higher on a 1-100 scoring label. With a score of 75 or higher, this indicates that the Portfolio lighting that meets this certification operated efficiently in at least 75 other buildings or homes nationwide. On top of that, you know you will be saving money and lowering your electric bill.