Portfolio Flush Mount Lighting Products Indoor and Outdoor

Portfolio flush mount lighting fixtures bring unique design and style to your lighting decor. You can use flushmount lighting in entryways and secondary lighting sources at affordable prices. Flush mount lights are also great for hallways and Portfolio can easily meet these lighting needs. Portfolio offers drum flush mounts for your ceiling lighting that offer a unique blend of decor and state of the art design for newer or older rooms. Portfolio flush mounts come in a variety of watts and lumens that come at affordable prices.

Portfolio flush mounts also come in a semi-flush design in a variety of shades in a modern design. These different types of flush mount designs Flush mount lighting is popular because obviously the lights are flush against the wall. This allows for a look that attracts the light as a focus of the room without being intrusive so the lights are able to be used in many areas of your home. Portfolio has a variety of hallway lighting with the flushmount design that is practical in heavy trafficked areas of your home as well. Flush mount designs also conceal the light in response to the LED level in your bulb and Portfolio offers many different bulb designs and wattage.

Portfolio flush mounts sit directly against the ceiling or wall and are ideal for smaller areas or lower ceilings. We have found this type of lighting to be beneficial for small rooms or heavy traffic areas. portfolio offers different shades to alluminate to your room's color and design. As you research the perfect lighting option, it is important to determine the space you re trying to lighten as well as the look and feel of the room to accomodate these options. Portfolio comes with many options to fit this need. There are many differrent shades and shapes as well so the flush mount lighting is a perfect option when making these choices.

When deciding where to install your flush mount lighting by Portfolio, we recommend in high traffic areas as stated. Since flush mounts are flush against the wall you can integrate these lights without the risk of damage due to hanging too low or extending too far from the wall. Portfolio flush mount lighting comes in many different sizes and shapes so room or hallway size is a major factor when determining the proper lights to install. You want to complement your home decor and flush mount lighting is a great option. Portfolio offers unique styles for any room especially those smaller crevices that may have a more difficult location to light correctly.