Portfolio Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Portfolio recessed lighting fixtures for your home come in indoor and outdoor options. Recessed lighting is installed directly inside a ceiling, wall or other surface inside or outside. Portfolio Recessed Lights come in three components that consist of housing, trim and bulb. Portfolio makes it easy with their lighting products to add recessed lighting easily and conveniently. Portfolio lights can be recessed through the bulb that hides the waitring in a decorative format to give the recessed lights a nice look and feel in an entryway and other convenient locations throughout the home.

Many times, there will be insulation present in the home so when installing recessed Portfolio lights you will need to use an IC-Rated recessed light that Portfolio offers that you can find at Lowes. These type of Portfolio lights simply wont overheat with the insulation present. Portfolio offers a variety of recessed lights that provide this type of recessed light. Also, make sure to add the right trim to the recessed lights that you install. Most colors offered by portfolio come in brown and black examples.

When installing or purchasing Portfolio recessed lights, especially outside, you should look for lights that are wet location recessed lights that are also offered by Portfolio. If you live in extreme weather conditions or a wet area, make sure you research the portfolio recess lights that are able to be installed in wet conditions. Weatheproofing your lights help them last longer to the weather elements. You may also have thin walls so look for Portfolio recessed lights with shallow housing as the thin wall can offer challenges.

As stated earlier with recessed lights, the bulb is important for the level of lighting you are looking for. Portfolio offers halogen and incandescent bulbs in the recessed lighting products. These type of lightbulbs use more electricity then other bulbs, but put out more light and last longer. Poftolio offers efficient bulbs in their recessed lighting so as you are comparing different portfolio lights, look at the proper bulb for the area of the home you are planning to place the lights.