Portfolio Puck Lighting and Puck Lights For Your Home or Office

The first question you may have is what are puck lights by Portfolio? The answer is actually quite simple. Portfolio offers puck lights that are compact and an easy lighting solution for your home. Puck lights are usually placed under cabinets as they are compact, display cases and even work spaces. Portfolio puck lights are very stylish and would be a welcome lighting option for you home or office. Since they are compact, they don't take up much space and can easily be placed anywhere extra lighting is needed.

As stated, Portfolio puck lights are compact and also use LED lighting technology so they are more energy efficient and consume low power. This is a great way to add extra light while saving on your electric bill. Portfolio puck lights offer a variety of easy mounting options depending where you plan to place them. You can also link your puck lights to other lights in your home to add an even wider range of lighting options.

After researching the different puck lighting options by Portfolio, I found they can be hardwired or a typical power cord that you plug into the wall. Standard voltage with their puck lights is 120V and some of their hardwired lights come in a lower voltage. These lights are durable as always and are made in aluminum or plastic depending on the type of puck light you choose. Portfolio puck lights offer bright and clear lighting with a variety of lumens that output from the lights. Some of the different lighting temperatures are cool, daylight and warm white lighting options. Make sure you research the type of light you want as there is a noticable difference between these lighting options and some may not be right for a certain size room.

You will find puck lighting used in a lot of work spaces and work shops. These compact lights help reduce eye strain during a long day at the office. Portfolio puck lights can also be used in display cases whee you want to display some of your favorite items in your home. Of course, you can set timers and dimmers to adjust to a certain lighting temperature you choose depending on the Portfolio product so make sure you research the right option for your situation.

There are a wide variety of puck lighting products from Portfolio. Some examples I found that you can find on the Lowes website is the Portfolio 3-Pack 2.9-in Plug-in Puck Light Kit. These are easy to install and with your purchase it includes the mounting hardware needed. Portfolio also has a Portfolio LED Under Cabinet Puck Light Kit. This is a great option if you want to link your lights towards other areas in your home or office. This will help you easily expand your lighting coverage with your new puck lights.


As the name of Portfolio suggests, Portfolio puck lights are durable and will last you many many years. These lights will provide a long service life and will help reduce the need to replacing these lights often. Portfolio puck lights can be easily cleaned with simple dusting or using a damp cloth when you notice the dust and dirt beginning to build up on them. Find the best puck lighting from Portfolio today and make your home or office more inviting and lit to the standards and desire you choose.