Portfolio Lighting Troubleshooting For Outdoor Landscape And Indoor Lighting Common Problems Easy To Fix

When your Portfolio lighting isn't working correctly, it causes your landscape to look incomplete or simply not finished if you can even see the lighting at all that you created. The easy thing to do is pay a hefty contractor fee to get your lighting working correctly, but why? You can easily troubleshoot many common lighting problems and make the fix yourself. It's an easy way to not only save money, but also be proud of the creation you made on your own. Here are some simple Portfolio lighting troubleshooting tips to save you time and moneyas well as Portfolio installation tips.

The first thing you should do is look for a short in your lighting system. Many wires can but cut or frayed and you don't even realize it until it's too late. Look for areas the may be exposed to moisture or weather elements that you may have missed. Also, look at all your lighting sockets to make sure they are working correctly. Think of this as a lighting "tune up" to troubleshoot some basic lighting problems you can troubleshoot in literally a few minutes.

Do you have a section of lightings not working correctly? The most common problem you can troubleshoot here is to check the transformer to see if a portion has been tripped to OFF without your knowledge. Once again, you can look for localized damaged wires that may be cut or frayed that accidently got exposed to the elements such as a damaged wall lantern light.

Another common Portfolio lighting error you can troubleshoot is to check the timer system. The easiest thing to do is look at the wires inside the glass. Are they looking proper? Do they look burn out and simply need to be replaced? Is the lighting fitting propery into it's correct socket? Once again, weather and mnay times landscaping can knock these loose. This is a simple fix that you can troubleshoot. We suggest you look closely at each light and it's connection. One bad light or connection can make a whole section go out. Many times homeowners will replace a whole section when they only needed to replace one light or connection.

Are your portfolio lights not coming on at all? Here is another troubleshooting thing to do. Is the power outlet getting electricity from the house? Is there a frayed wire or connection attached to the house? You also want to troubleshoot your transformer as well with this situation as it easily can have been switched off without your knowledge. It's possible your transformer may need replacing and it isn't the lights at all. We suggest plugging in a radio or small electronic device to see if electricity will run through that device.

If you notice some of the lights are shining brightly, but some seem dimmed or not generating enough light. If this happens, check to see that the bulb is inserted in the socket correctly. It may have lost part of it's connection and a quick twist of the bulb can tighten it right back up. Once again, torubleshoot all your wifes and look for any frayed or worn wires that may need to be replaced. This is an important troubleshooting fix to save you alot of money. It's much cheaper to replace one set of bulbs then a whole new set. Weather and landscaping are always the most common reasons your connections may go bad and easy to fix.

With general lighting issues like they simply wont turn on, make sure you check that they are plugged in correctly. Believe it or not, this is more the case then you really think! Inspect your bulbs and look at the condition of the lighting switches that Portfolio offers. Make sure your Portfolio lighting is compatible and inspect wires for looses connections. Incorrect polarity is another common issue to troubleshoot. This is quite common in low voltage situations. Troubleshooting automated lighting issues with Portfolio products, it's important to look at the Wifi connection between the Portfolio lights product as many of these smart lights are connected through your wifi connection. Many common lighting problems have nothing to do with the lights themselves but wifi connections especially with automated lights. Possibly update your firmware to make sure your Portfolio smart lights are connected properly to your wifi connection if being used.

Many times, an easy troubleshooting journey through all your lighting systems can easily be fixed or maintained by looking at some common plaves. The transformer, your bulb connections, the wires and and worn or frayed wires. This will not only save you money, but is a quick and easy way to troubleshoot any Portfolio Lighting problems you may be experiencing. Give them a check!