Portfolio Strip Lighting - Portfolio LED Strip Lights For Functional and Decorative Lighting

Portfolio strip lighting comes with a range of strips for easy applications and installation that is functional for all your decorative lighting needs. Portfolio strip lights are bendable and flexible to wrap around your deck or other areas in your home. This flexibility comes in a variety of lengths depending on the amount of strip lighting yo uare wanting to install. Portfolio strip lights are also energy efficient that offer a great lighting option with consuming low energy in a long strip light lifespan.

Portfolio strip lights come in a wide range of brightness and color options. The brightness level or lumens in their strip lights also come in many RGB color options if you are looking for strip lights that change color to add ambience to your light setting. Portfolio strip lighting are dimmable and controllable with a small, simple remote control that you can simply leave in your outdoor lighting space or office drawer. The installation of your Portfolio strip lights can be installed with simple adhesive as well as peel and stick strip lighting options. Since many Portfolio strip lights are designed to be used outdoors, their lights are waterproof to help withstand the elements, but come in indoor lighting products as well.

There are many benefits to using Portfolio strip lighting becasue they are versatile and can be easily customized. Accent and task lighting are great strip lighting options from Portfolio becasue you can easy customize the place and direction of the strip lights. Portfolio strip lights offer even illumination and lighting so you wont be facing light away from your desired locations. Also, their LED strip lights produce minimal heat so you will be saving money on your energy bill.

There are a variety of Portfolio strip lights to decide upon. Their LED lighting is great for all purpose lighting needs taht come in a large variety of length and wattage. RGP LED Portfolio lighting strips give you the ability to change colors that can blink and dim at your desired speed. These are great for mood lighting options as well. Smart Portfolio strip lighting can be accessed through your smart phone where you can schedule and automate the lighting times depending on the occasion or time of day.

High CRI Portfolio LED strip lighting offer a high coloring index for a more accurate color representation. Retail displays and art studios are a great location for CRI LED strip lights by Portfolio as these are places where color accuracy is the most important. Cove lighting in recessed ceiling is a good location for strip lights because you can direct the light in the right location.