Portfolio Outdoor Transformer Lighting Troubleshooting And Manual Resources

Portfolio outdoor transformer lighting is a great resource to protect your outdoor track or landscape lighting. Portfolio offers a photocell sensor that helps the transformer to be productive efficiently. There is usually a countown timer as well so you can time the ligthing so your lights arent one when you don't want them to be. Portdolio outdoor transformers are also very weather resistent and offer a quality that will prrotect the investent on your outdoor lighting budget.

Portfolio outdoor transformers are weather proof. We suggest you mount along an outside wall to help protect against the weather elements in your area. We don't suggest mounting your transformer near a pool of water as rain and winds can add unwanted weather fatigue to your transformer. Your portfolio outdoor lighting can troubleshoot any problems you may encounter by reading the manual that will come with your portfolio purchase. Portfolio is high quality, and their outdoor transformers are designed to handle any type of climate from sever cold to severe hot. Make sure you mount the transformer in an area in your yard that is out of the elements to extend the life term of your transformer. Mounting in the shade along a wall of you home is a suggestion that would find the shade and protect from weather in your area.

Portfolio outdoor transformers protect your portfolio lighting investment and your purchase will come with a manual to help you troubleshoot any problems that may arise. When troubleshooting, make sure the transformer is in good working condition, mounted correctly and supplying the desired need to your lighting layout in your yard. Portfolio comes with a time and sensors that are able to adapt to sunlight or rain in a way that supplies the lighting to be efficient and radiant in your yard. We highly recommend portfolio outdoor transformers for all your lighting needs and accessories for your landscape lighting needs.