Portfolio String Lighting - Outdoor String Lighting For Your Home

Portfolio string lights are a great way to decorate your outdoor lighting areas. Having string lighting around your deck where you entertain guests isa great way to celebrate with the best lighting available. Portfolio offers a wide variety of string lights. When it comes to hanging your Portfolio string lights, there are a variety of tips to ease the transition into the best lighting in your outdoor area. The type of bulbs and brand of string lights is a great resource to determine what type of lights to string up in your outdoor seating area.

The first step is buy Portfolio string lights that are designed the last year round. Obviously different adreas of the country have different weather conditions, but Portfolio has you covered with lighting that can last year round in all weather conditions. All the major stores including Lowes carry Portfolio string lighting and keep these items in stock during the course of the year. The best part of buyin Portfolio string lights are the replacement bulbs are quite inexpensive to replace. String lighting requires alot of bulbs, so getting easy to find replacement bulbs is a great Portfolio lighting option.

When you choose your Portfolio outdoor string lights, you need to determine if that light casings are going to be plastic or glass. This obviously comes down to preference to the individual homeowner. Glass bulbs can obviously break, but plastic bulbs can get dirty, which can inhibit the lighting that comes out of the bulb. Portfolio string lights come in plastic or glass bulbs and the plastic bulbs are generally cheaper. When you determine the type of string lights to hang, most people use round bulbs. Another name for these type of bulbs are bistro string lights or cafe string lights. The last thing to determine is the size of string lights you want to hang. Portfolio string lights come in many different shapes and sizes so research the best type of string lighting for your home.