Portfolio Under Cabinet Lighting and Kitchen Lights For Your Home or Office

Portfolio under cabinet lighting is a great solution to provide extra lighting to places in your home such as your kitchen counter tops. You can also find under cabinet lighting for an office work space or a workshop to assist with a variety of tasks that need specified lighting to project towards a certain area. There are a variety of different under cabinet lighting options that may consist of LED light bars, Puck Lights, Strip Lights as well as Rope lights. Portfolio offers a variety of these items at the Lowes website. Here is more detailed information to assist in your reseach in finding the right under cabinet lighting product from Portfolio that is what you need for you individual lighting project.

You should consider different options when finding the right under cabinet lighting product from Portfolio. The color temperature is an option when deciding what color you want the light to project. Portfolio offers warm, neutral and cool color temperatures for their under cabinet lights. Depending on the space you plan to add light, it's important to determine which temperature lighting is right for you. For example, you may want cool lighting for an open small office space that doesn't need much light, but warm lighting for a large desk cubicle or set of kitchen cabinets. Under cabinet lighting is a great area to look at and determining the proper temperature is where you want to start in your research.

Another option is under cabinet lighting that dims when needed. Portfolio under cabinet lights come in options that allow you to adjust the light intensity to assist in the tasks or moods needed in your work space or living space. Specialized dimmer switches can come in handy when you purchase these lights from Portfolio. I found these under cabinet lighting dimmers from Portfolio at eBay that come in many different styles and options. .

Under cabinet lights by Portfolio also come with motion sensors. This is a great way to save energy when the light isn't needed so they will shut off after a certain amount of time when there is no motion. This is also a convenient option as well so you wont have to worry about turning the under cabinet lights off as they will be on and off depending on the motion sensors. Since under cabinet motion sensors lights are set on and off by movement, you never have to worrry about leaving them on.

Portfolio under cabinet lights also come in three different power sources. The first one is the old school power outlet where you simply plug the under cabinet lights into a power source. Many desks come with a power source underneath that you can simply plug into. If you want hidden wiring, especially in a place like your kitchen, you can look at under cabinet hard wiring options as a power source, but this may be more expensive. Lastly, Portfolio offers battery operated under cabinet lights where you simply put a battery in and turn them off with an on/off switch.


When it comes to installing Portfolio cabinet lighting in your home or office, there are a variety of installation options to choose from. Surface moutning is good for puck lights and light bars and are simply attached to the underbelly of your cabinets. Recessed under cabinet lighting is another option where they are simply set in teh cabinet surface and provide a look that is flush and integrated nicely with the cabinet. Lastly, under cabinet lighting with an adhesive backing provides an easy installation process and are usually used with LED strip lights that you would hang under your cabinet area.

There are many benefits to under cabinet lighting as stated above. This type of lighting allows an enhanced visibility to complete tasks and are quite energy efficient. Under cabinet lighting can help add a modern touch to your kitchen and remember the old saying, people who buy houses spend alot of time looking at the kitchen. The more modern and inviting the kitchen, the more value added to your home and you can easily do this with Portfolio under cabinet lighting products and fixtures.