Portfolio Solar Lighting Fixtures

Portfolio solar light fixtures are quite affordable and are a great addition for accent lighting especially if you want to use them around ponds or water fixtures in your yard. Many customers choose to use them on their front walkway as well. Of course, the most importance is to place your portfolio solar lights where they can see the most direct sunlight during the day. The 3 count floodlight models area great accent lighting system that adds beauty and decor to your yard. Most prices are between $20-$30 for a 3 pack of LED solar lights that can be found at Lowes. Make sure you find a good location to place the solar lights. The bottom of the light is pointed and allows for you to place them directly in the ground for easy installation. Many customers have asked if it would be ok to put the solar panel directly in the ater or pond. This is not a good idea as these lights are not designed to be placed in water.

Most models come with plenty of twist ties. Most likely you wont need to use all the twist ties that come with the solar lights. With the 3 LED setup, you can easily hide the wires in the mulch surrounding your landscaping or pond. The wires are built to withstand the elements and can be easily hidden. It's important to cover up the wiring as many times the wires can get cut by mowing or weedeating that can damage the solar cell providing power and solar energy to your additional lights. You can also places the wires within the bricks and rocks that are part of your landscaping. This is another way to hide the wires. You can place the solar panels close to the water or edge of the walkway to direct beautiful light at night. They wont display a ton of light, but will definitely be bright enough for most sized yards.

Solar Portfolio Lights are a great money saver as they use energy from the sun instead of electricity. The beauty of Portfolio solar lights is second to none. Most importantly, place teh solar panel where it has the most direct angle to the sun. Depending on your location and the direction your yard faces, it can be quite easy to place them correctly.

If you have alot of fish in your pond, the light will brighten beautifully at night. Over time, the batteries will most likely need to be replaced. Portfolio offers a variety of rechargeable batteries to be used as replacements for your lights. Most solar lights are around 12 inches tall with lighting that will require upkeep to keep getting the correct lumen output that you purchased. Most solar lights are 3-12 lumens. Multi colored applications are also available so make sure you look closely at the box when you purchase in the store.

From my experience, it was quite fun watching the different colors, but they did not last long as I expected. I replaced batteries with rechargeable batteries. Some would work, others would not. I bought 5 more, only 1 worked. When I brought them in to return them, 3 of the 5 lit up inside of my house. When dealing with solar lighting, I learned proper placement to direct sun was the key to get the lights to light up automatically at night.

There are a variety of other pendant lighting options. Different tastes allow for different ideas. There are a variety of fixtures that can go with any decor. On top of that, you can usually find lighting clearance sales at many of the shopping sites online. I've seen bronze, ceiling and drum pendant lights at quite a discount. Pendant parts as well.