Portfolio High Bay Lighting and High Bay Lights For Large Lighting Areas

Portfolio high bay lighting options are designed to light large spaces including vaulted ceilings, factories, gymnasiums and retail stores. Portfolio high bay lights are power lighting options that helps ensure optimial lighting visibility and illumination and safety in lighting environments that can be demanding and large in area. Portfolio high bay lights illumiate large areas that is suitable for large open spaces. Greater heights like a vaulted ceiling using high bay lights can minimize the shadow and dark spots that can occur when lighting large and high lighting spaces.

Portfolio high bay lighting utilizes LED lighting technology that helps reduce the amount of energy consumption and helps lower operational or home energy costs. Portfolio high bay lights have a long lifespan that is great for reducing the need of maintenance and having to change the lights all the time. High bay lihts need to be buiolt out of high durable material and Portfolio offers the right lighting option. These lights are resistant to dust and moisture to help minimize the need for the mentioned maintenance needed. There are a variety of Portfolio high bay lighting models to fit various application and can be linear or round. Depending on the area needing the high bay lighting, different color temperatures from the bulbs is available.

Portfolio high bay lights come with advanced optics that are designed for precision optics to light areas that are uniform and equal to help minimze glare and light distribution. Portfolio high bays lights offer the ability to dim and controlled to adjust the desired brightness. In large settings, motions detectors can be used to illuminate lighting in retail spaces where motion is detected to turn on the lights. To maximize energy savings, daylight lighting harvesting are the way high bay lights by Portfolio can help reduce costs and save on energy all at the same time. High bay lights are known to boost productivity when the need for higher illumination is need as Portfolio high bay lights come in a variety of models and wattage.

The long lifespan of Portfolio high bay lights is a great cost saving measure due to a long lifespan of these LED high bay lights. High bay lights by Portfolio can boost worker efficiency especially in areas where the proper lighting is needed for precision tasks that you find in these type of work settings. Lighting a vaulted ceiling is another high bay light option as you minimze the darkspots depending on the areas that are needing to be covered. Portfolio high bay lights leave a smaller carbon footprint that helps the environemnt and saves on energy costs and light maintenance at such high areas.

There are a variety of Portfolio high bay lighting options that include round high bay lights that are agreat for high ceilins especially vaulted ceilings that provide a wide beam lighting angle for proper illumination. Linear high bay lights by Portfolio are great for warehuses and production lines due to their linear illumination. UFO high bay lights are common for their unique, compact design and Portfolio offers them in a model right for you. These lights are great for providing bright, concentrated lighting. Smart high bay lighting options by Portfolio are great for mopdern facilities where the technology in inherent in the area or building that is being used for high bay lighting needs.


There are a variety of power applications needed for high bay lighting by Portfolio. Warehouses and vaulted ceilings have been mentioned, but manufacturing facilities are another area to reduce workplace injuries. Retail stores and gymanasiums and even sports stadiums can benefit from Portfolio high bay lighting to light these large areas. Airplane hangars and cold storage facilities are other areas that can benefit from Portfolio high bay lighting. All these areas can increase productivity and reduce energy costs with the proper installation of high beay lights from Portfolio.