Portfolio Wireless Lighting - Portfolio Bluetooth Lights For No Wires Lighting From Portfolio Lighting for Convenience and Flexibility

Portfolio wireless lighting offers a convenient and flexible solution for extensive wiring issues in your home. Wireless lights from Portfolio are a modern and contemporary way to hide wires and place lights in your home in hard to reach places and can utilize bluetooth technology. There are a variety of key features when going wireless in your home. Wireless lighting control offers the ability to remotely use your smartphone, tablet and a dedicated remote control. Portfolio wireless lights are compatible with popular smart home lighting systems that are automated using services such as Apple Homekit, Alexa and Google Home.

Portfolio wireless lighting are easy to install with no complex wiring and offer a simple plug and play setup. You can easily retrofit wired lighting with new wireless lighting from Portfolio, which simply removes the hassle of having to rewire areas in your home. Wireless lights from Portfolio use LED bulbs and technology that are great energy saving options. This reduces power used to light areas of your home and saves you money on your energy bill. There are a variety of versatile options to add wireless wiring from Portfolio in your home. Floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall sconces and even wireless outdoor lighting are products offered by Portfolio lighting.

Portfolio wireless lighting have many smart features that include the ability to schedule lighting times when you do or don't need the light to help save money. Smart wireless lighting by Portfolio can utilize motion sensors for automatic lighting control to help in creating lighting scenes to control multiple lights at the same time. Portfolio wireless lights are convenient because you can control the lights remotely where you don't need to physically interact with the lights.

Portfolio wireless lights offer enhanced security where you can easily schedule the lights to turn off and on. If you plan to be away, you can simply automate the lights wirelessly to turn on and off as desired. Many wireless lighting products from Portfolio can easily be integrated with home security systems with automated responses to security events that may arise. Portfolio wireless lighting offers flexibility especially with rental units where you can add the wireless lights and take them with you when you leave. They are easily moved from place to place with relative ease. You can manage your energy costs by using the wireless Portfolio lighting options to help save and budget your lighting needs.

There are a variety of types of Portfolio wireless lighting options that include wireless floor lamps, wireless ceiling lights, wireless LED outdoor lights and wireless wall sconces. The best part of wireless lighting by Portfolio is use can add these lights in a variety of rooms and settings including your home, retail establishments, hospitals and many other places wireless lighting is needed.