Portfolio Linear Lighting and Linear Light Fixtures From Portfolio

Portfolio linear lights and linear light fixtures is a lighting solution designed to provide continuous lighting that is streamlined from a linear source. Linear lights can be installed in your home or office setting and is also used in a variety of architectural lighting applications. Portfolio linear lights offer a very sleek design, are energy efficient and are very versatile when installed in a variety of areas within your home. Linear lighting is a convenient way to offer lighting options with LED options as well as halogen and fluorescent bulb designs.

Portfolio linear lighting come in a variety of lighting types that include recessed linear lighting. This design is installed in a wall or ceiling with a seamless look. Portfolio linear lights are great for modern interiors as well. One of the most popular Portfolio linear light is the 4 foot integrated LED linear light. Surface mounted linear lighting is also installed in a wall or ceiling that is suitable for hallways and kitchens. Suspended linear lighting by Portfolio is hung from the ceiling by a decorative rod or cable that creates a linear floating effect. Wall mounted Portfolio linear lighting is attached to walls that are great for corridors, stairwells and offer accent lighting in a variety of living spaces within your home.

There are a variety of benefits of using Portfolio linear lights. These linear lights are energy efficient with LED bulbs and consume less energy then normal Portfolio lighting products. Linear lights provide a flexible design option with customized lengths to allow you to install customized lengths of continuous linear lighting. The linear design provides an aesthetic appeal to enhance the lighting space. Linear lights by Portfolio also provide consistent and color rendering due to the linear design.

Linear lighting options by Portfolio allow for a vareity of installation methods. Some of these methods include recessed and suspended linear application to your wall or ceiling. Your linear Portfolio lights shuld let off the needed lumeans and wattage to provide adequate brightness as needed in the area of your home the linear lights are installed. Look at the proper color temperature of the linear lights based on high instensity or coolness lighting depending on the location of the linear lights.

Portfolio linear lighting offer a variety of control features such as motion detection lights, dimmable lighting features and smart controls. Many Portfolio linear lights come with dimmable options to easily adjust and dim the linear lights as well as Portfolio linear track lighting options. Smart linear lights by Portfolio can easily be integrated with smart home automation systems for remote controlled and automated options. Portfolio linear lights come with warranties and brochures to assist in your installation process and offer you a long life of consistent and beautiful linear lighting in your home.